So long Video Game Loop
KKS - Tears and Sacrifice Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Dreamverse Ambient Song
KKS - Agnostos Ambient Loop
KKS - Coop poop dark mix Miscellaneous Loop
KKS - Rock test Indie Loop
KKS - Merry Xmas 2012! Dance Loop
KKS - Sunshine & Corpses Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Bone Grinding Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Mad Arena Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Black Meryl Bluegrass Loop
KKS - Black Metal Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Black Medal Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Prelude [Ib cover] Classical Song
October 24 Hour Jam Dance Song
KKS - K.K Lullaby (cover) Video Game Song
KKS - Cinematic test Miscellaneous Loop
KKS - K.K. Ballad (cover) Video Game Song
KKS - Quick rock demo General Rock Song
KKS - Tapping on my Desk Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Kitty Holocaust Industrial Loop
KKS - Inside Video Game Loop
KKS - The Hunt Miscellaneous Loop
KKS - Amber Skies Ambient Loop
KKS - Smooth Piano Ambient Loop
KKS - Kitty of Doom Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Kitty Rampage Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Playing With Fire Video Game Loop
KKS - Dreaming in Binary Ambient Loop
KKS - Lost Reef Video Game Loop
KKS - Strings loop Classical Loop
KKS - Nova Flora Ambient Loop
KKS - Lu Bu Theme (remix) Video Game Song
KKS - Wings of Discovery Classical Song
KKS - Shards of Innocence Ambient Song
KKS - Living World Classical Song
KKS - Progrockabillyphunk Heavy Metal Song
KKS - Old rock test #2 General Rock Loop
KKS - Epic Rap Hip Hop - Modern Song
KKS - Old rock test General Rock Loop
KKS - Quick Funkeh Video Game Loop
KKS - Battle for Metatron Video Game Loop
KKS - Fractal Universe Trance Song
KKS - Random Riffage 2 Heavy Metal Song
KKS - Buried Ambitions Ambient Loop
KKS - Berserk Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Awaken [demo] Heavy Metal Song
KKS - Faint Ritual Ambient Loop
KKS - Suspended Motion Ambient Loop
KKS - Random Riffage Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Dead Sun Indie Song
KKS - I Am All of Me Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Industrial Mirage Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Nothing Less [rmx] Ambient Song
KKS - Unforgettable Classical Loop
Omg I Can Make Metal Lol Heavy Metal Loop
KKS - Abstract Motion Ambient Loop
KKS - Shards Ambient Song
KKS - Impulse Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Destroyer of Worlds Heavy Metal Song
KKS - Elemental Mist Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Insanctuary's Poem Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Skyline Ambient Song
KKS - Urban Symphony Ambient Song
KKS - Artificial World Ambient Song
KKS - The Starlit Valley Ambient Song
KKS - Neurosymbiosis Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Dreamtime Awakening Ambient Song
KKS - Above the Surface Ambient Song
KKS - Frozen Tears Ambient Song
KKS - Wintertime Melancho Classical Song
KKS - Dream Voyage Pt2 Pr Drum N Bass Song
KKS - Parkour Jam Drum N Bass Song
This won't get deleted by Classical Loop
KKS - Killing Spree Heavy Metal Song
KKS - A Loop, duh Hip Hop - Modern Loop
KKS - CMB Ambient Song
KKS - The Feedback Chamber Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Reminiscence Ambient Song
KKS - Mecharhythm Miscellaneous Loop
KKS - Mount Gagazet [FFX] Video Game Song
KKS - Cyan's Theme [FFVI] Video Game Song
KKS - 05 Miscellaneous Song
KKS - 04 Miscellaneous Song
KKS - 03 Miscellaneous Song
KKS - 02 Miscellaneous Song
KKS - 01 Miscellaneous Song
Dubstep first attempt Dubstep Loop
30 secs collab thing Miscellaneous Loop
KKS - Contact Ambient Song
KKS - Acid Aurora Drum N Bass Song
KKS - Electric Experiment Drum N Bass Song
KKS - Indigo Drum N Bass Song
KKS - Untitled Ambient Loop
KKS - Chorale Ambient Song
KKS - The Unnamed Ambient Song
KKS - Post-Apocalyptic Test #1 Ambient Song
KKS - Glitch de Chocobo Ambient Song
KKS - DnB Short test Drum N Bass Loop
KKS - The Eye of Dawn Ambient Song
KKS - Subconscious Mind Ambient Song
KKS - Dreamful Stargazing Ambient Song
KKS - Too Late Ambient Song
KKS - One Last Chance Ambient Song
KKS - Apeiron (alt mix) Ambient Song
KKS - Radiant Dew Ambient Loop
KKS - Sunset Rain Drum N Bass Song
KKS - Glowing Lights Ambient Song
KKS - 04. Apeiron (remix) Ambient Song
KKS - Piano Improvisation #2 Ambient Song
KKS - 03 Towards the Emptiness Ambient Song
KKS - 02. Intergalactic Space Ambient Song
KKS - 01. Launch Ambient Song
KKS - Put Another Dime Miscellaneous Song
Mechanical Test #2 Miscellaneous Song
Mechanical Test #1 Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Minimal Techno Loop
KKS - Nihon Ambient Song
KKS - Piano Improvisation Ambient Song
KKS - 16-bit test Video Game Loop
KKS - 8-bit test Video Game Loop
KKS - Space Boss Music (cover) Video Game Loop

2010 Submissions

Snow Covered Window Ambient Song
KKS|Chorale Ambient Song
KKS|Angels We've Heard On High Ambient Song
Persistence Ambient Song
Agrblurigkdkeijnaorwippedfirss Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Fuckyuum Cleaner Miscellaneous Song
KKS - A Place Called Home Ambient Song
KKS - Resonance Cascade Drum N Bass Song
KKS - It's not over yet Voice Demo Song
Painfully Slow Funeral Doom Miscellaneous Song
KKS - Owl Forest [cover] Video Game Song
KKS - Rainbow Butterfly Woods Video Game Song
KKS - Matataki Village Video Game Song
KKS - Palm Brinks [cover] Video Game Song
Hall2010 | KKS - The Unknown Ambient Song
Hall2010|KKS - Twisted Maze Ambient Song
RD2011 - Escape From Robotland Miscellaneous Song
Through The Grass Miscellaneous Loop
Prisoner - Main Theme Ambient Song
Prisoner - Junkyard II Ambient Song
Prisoner - The Junkyard Ambient Song
Prisoner - Truth Ambient Song
Prisoner [KKS] Miscellaneous Song
Song of Eternity Ambient Song
Travel In The Silence Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Aurora [KKS] Ambient Loop
Chiptune #10 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #9 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #8 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #7 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #6 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #5 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #4 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #3 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #2 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Chiptune #1 [KKS] Video Game Loop
Escape From Robotland [LoopII] Miscellaneous Loop
Escape From Robotland (loop) Miscellaneous Loop
Tomoki City [Loop] Drum N Bass Loop
I Love Banana Heavy Metal Song
Big Bad Mech Miscellaneous Song
Cyber Cruise Miscellaneous Song
Seymour's Radio (FFX cover) Ambient Song
Black/Doom Metal loop Heavy Metal Loop
Psithurism [KKS] Ambient Song
Orion [mini-cover] Ambient Song
This song needs a title Miscellaneous Loop
Restless Flow Ambient Song
Hymn Of Faith [KKS] Video Game Song
Gears of Time Ambient Song
Hourglass (KK Slider) Ambient Song
Apeiron Ambient Song
Sad Piano Ambient Loop
Cosmopolis - Disco House House Song
AC:WW - Trip at the Museum Video Game Song
Alice's Theme [Loop] Ambient Loop
Survivor [Loop] Ambient Loop
Choose Your Fate [Loop] Ambient Loop
Who's Afraid of The B.B.W.? Miscellaneous Loop
The Aftermath - Dark World Ambient Song
Breeze (KK Slider) Ambient Song
Feeling Unsafe Ambient Song
Cosmopolis - Part II Miscellaneous Song
Cosmopolis Miscellaneous Song
Groove Factory Ambient Song
Tough Battle (KK Slider fixed) Video Game Song
Empty Inside Ambient Song
Embued in Darkness Ambient Song
Starlight Temple Video Game Song
Arsenal Groove Video Game Song
The Glitch Machine Industrial Song