Ahh... the art!

2010-01-23 15:38:59 by KKSlider60

Yo everyone!
I've been strangely watching a lot of videos here ultimately, and I literally fell in love with some.
You know, stuff like The Last of the Dashkin or Beer Run (on which I died laughing for 10 minutes straight)... but I also played great games like Gemcraft and, dulcis in fundo, Alice is Dead.
I tend to draw something, when I particularly like it, so I came with the idea to submit some tribute-like material just to show my sympathy towards that game (AiD), and of course its creators.
Below my profile, you can find the last art submissions, featuring the Alice is Dead tribute and a totally free (and random) wallpaper.

Enjoy the two submissions and have a nice Newgrounds day. =)
KK Slider

Ahh... the art!


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