Ambient album Audio collab done - "Stream"

2010-01-27 11:49:04 by KKSlider60

Title: "Stream"
I finished both the front and the back covers. They seem to work pretty fine. ^^
Awaiting for a track submission, then up with the final album link.
Front cover
Back cover


Previous post:
"Hello Newgrounders, 'sup?
This is an idea of mine that stuck in my head for a while, 'til now.
Well, I think it'd be great to have like 2 or 3 Newgrounds artists working along side with me to make an Ambient album.

I love the Ambient genre, but let me explain the concept behind this collab album.
The theme that circles around all tracks is nature; The album is meant to be relaxing, but its tracks can have different Ambient styles, ranging from Dark Ambient to Nature Ambient, and so on.
Length doesn't matter, as long as the pieces are nice.
The album name is... uhh... ... it must be decided together, as well as for the art (if needed, that is). xD
Working should be easy... we create the songs, we pass them each other, and there we go. Communicating should be decided, instead: we can choose between a chat zone or just keep our friendly Newgrounds private message system.

Ok, then... please let me know via pm, so I can update this news post with the authors names.
Don't forget to have fun while making this audio collab! ^^
KK Slider"

Artists: KK Slider - SoundJunkie - Trottimus - Landscapers
1. Absolute (LS), 5:07
2. Empty Inside (KKS), 3:40
3. Looking Glass (SJ), 5:04
4. Icarus (SJ), 4:07
5. Embued in Darkness (KKS), 3:07
6. Abyssal Melody (KKS), 12:00
7. Peace (Trottimus), 6:41
8. Breeze (KKS), 5:22
Length: 45:08
Archive size: 59.49 Mb
Folder size: 62.36 Mb


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2010-02-07 00:22:11

Aight i'm interested! check out my song: memories. it revolves around a thunderstorm ambience so i think it would be almost perfect for your little album. Not to mention i already got it in a medium budget documentary called Infinite lives: the road to E3. PM me if you think im right for the job

(Updated ) KKSlider60 responds:

We have a special guest then? XD
PM sent, details are there. Oh, I'd like to add you on MSN.


2010-02-07 13:42:19

I don't have any music now because of mods accused me stealing last year, just be careful not to submit something so awesome that the mods will ban you lol. Good luck with the Album Collab and Good luck with future submissions.

KKSlider60 responds:

So far I guarantee that it's all original work =)
Thank you and have a nice day.