"Stream" is available

2010-02-17 09:15:21 by KKSlider60

EDIT - I managed to upload the whole album (without the bitrate being modified) on Megaupload and it's now ready to be downloaded. It's about 60Mb (rar'd).
If you got connection problems try out the links below and download all the parts.

Stream - RAR

Hi all, with immense pleasure I can finally say that the Ambient audio collab "Stream" is available for download right below here! =D

A little note for the contributors:
Due to size issues, I had to crap the bitrate quality from values greater than 160 to 160. Songs with 128 bitrate are untouched. It's mathematically impossible to notice the difference, so it ain't much of a problem. The album is still with top-notch quality pieces.
Also, the album is split in 10 parts of 5 Mb each. I'm kind of sorry for that, but that was the only way I could let the community download the album and enjoy what we've achieved so far. Download all the 10 parts, or you won't listen to a thing.

Anyway, I thank Trottimus, Landscapers and SoundJunkie for their very precious contribution and patience. Million thanks to everyone who has supported us with their reviews and their feedback, and obviously, thanks to Newgrounds for letting us the opportunity to virtually meet each other and make such things happen.
Have a really good time, and enjoy this album!

Artists: KK Slider - SoundJunkie - Trottimus - Landscapers
1. Absolute (LS), 5:07
2. Empty Inside (KKS), 3:40
3. Looking Glass (SJ), 5:04
4. Icarus (SJ), 4:07
5. Embued in Darkness (KKS), 3:07
6. Abyssal Melody (KKS), 12:00
7. Peace (Trottimus), 6:41
8. Breeze (KKS), 5:22
Length: 45:08
Total size (un-rar'd): 49.7 Mb

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

"Stream" is available


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2010-02-19 12:42:57

Good job man, glad to be a part of this.

I'll pass the message around so more people can listen to this.

- Trottimus

KKSlider60 responds:

A'ight, 1000 thanks. =)
We'll discuss about your idea on PMs, ok?


2010-02-27 10:46:46

There are awesome songs in our album!! I've to share this out. :)

KKSlider60 responds:

Indeed ^^ That's nice to hear that


2010-04-23 17:20:14

thank you for the welcome you are very kind :-)

Me like disco hous

KKSlider60 responds:

I'm very glad you liked it. Besides... I love Japan, and having a Japanese pal sounds absolutely great to me XD
Anyway, I'm making a second Ambient collab album and I'm gathering some tracks before announcing the whole thing on my profile.
See you 'round,