New Ambient audio collab - "Reflections"

2010-04-30 17:23:22 by KKSlider60

Hi folks, it's been a while eh?
Allright, since I consider the Stream album to be quite successful, I thought "Why not making another one?". So, here we go again. I started gathering ideas on February, but I delayed the whole thing because I was particularly busy in real life.
I thank anyone who downloaded and criticized the previous effort, and of course, their creators.
But read on for the details...

Basically, the theme behind the album stays almost the same: peace. The album must transmit a sense of inner peace and relaxation, thanks to the slow paced songs, more ol' school like (no trance, no chill out, no techno/house/acid). As always, no rush during the making, and make sure you enjoy this project. ^^

Possible tracklist so far:
- The End (AphoticAthanasy), 1:31
- Flying System (Landscapers), 12:18
- Solitude (SineRider), 9:25
- New track? (PenguinSam), ??:??
- Transcend (PenguinSam), ??:??
- Serenity (KK Slider), 28:30

News update:
- Guys, I've got the alpha covers of this album, available for view on my art section.
- I will give full liberty about commenting/writing something for your own piece, and I'll even provide you some artwork as an extra. :)

*Team "recruited" - No more subscriptions, please*

Technical data/requirements:
Quality - Must be from 160 to 320 kbps
Track length - Free of choose
CD length - 80 minutes (canonical length)
Themes/Style - Listed above
Economic status - Free
License - Creative Commons
Here's the link for "Stream", while waiting for the second album:
Stream - RAR


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2010-06-06 12:21:04

I make ambient music :)

KKSlider60 responds:

I sent you a PM :D


2010-06-06 14:16:57

Sounds REALLY fun . Although, I never done collabs, so I really do not know how to manifest the ideas of merging out music together, so when you reply back .
Supply the details, a more in depth fact what this song needs to consist of, and .. how do I do this ? Thankyou . ^^
- Aphotic Athanasy -

KKSlider60 responds:

Simple, buddy.
First off, no rush - take your time to do everything. We'll just communicate via PMs, or MSN if you have a contact. Being in a collab is as easy as staying alone by yourself, since I'm very open with people and don't impose any kind of "authority" or something. So here's the deal, basically:
- Experiment, have fun in expressing yourself through music. Try new instruments, soundscapes, make something soothing and relaxing. And don't be afraid of being repetitive, it's Ambient after all. Listen to some professional Ambient artists to get some influences, if you wish;
- You make a song (or two, it doesn't matter, really), host it somewhere and then just let me know of its existence, so I can update the track list;
- That's all. xD Wait for others to finish their works.

Thank you for your precious attention


2010-06-09 22:57:26

Abstract Essence . Hands down = GOOD NAME GOOD QUALITY GOOD OVERALL .

KKSlider60 responds:

The new fragrance of Calvin Klein. xDD