Three audio collabs coming soon!

2010-08-28 09:48:08 by KKSlider60

I'm proud to announce that I'm now leading THREE audio collabs, all coming (hopefully) in the next weeks!

It's taking (and it took) a very good while, and I apologize for the long wait, but I assure it will be well worth! Now here's the detailed list, along with artists, titles, names, and blah blah.

Also, here's my Youtube channel. Please visit it and leave some criticism ^^ ?feature=mhum

Youtube playlist "Sounds and Vibrations demos"
Youtube playlist "DumbLine (KK Slider and TheAntiMatter)"

Number #1: "Reflections"
: Ambient
Artists: KK Slider, Landscapers, Aphotic Athanasy (a.k.a. lots of other nicks xD), PenguinSam, SineRider
Format: MP3, 160 to 320 kbps quality
Estimated length: About 60 minutes or so
Release date: Coming Soon
Number #2: "Fallen Eclipse"
: Dark Ambient/Ambient
Artists: KK Slider, Involute Chaos (a.k.a lots of other nicks), Tokolos
Format: MP3, 160kbps+
Estimated length: More than 40 minutes
Release date: To be decided
Number #3: "8 Bit Ambiance (working title)"
: 8 Bit/Chiptune
Artists: KK Slider, HungarianSubstations
Format: MP3
Estimated length: To be decided
Release date: On hold
That's all for now, stay tuned brothers! ^^
KK Slider


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