Possible new point-n-click horror series?

2010-09-13 10:47:46 by KKSlider60

Hello everyone.
I would like to start a point-and-click horror/sci-fi trilogy, and I've already wrote the whole plot (details to be added). The trilogy is named "Prisoner" and it will be centered in a fictional scientific research facility.
Since I'm doing all things by myself (and since it's the first time I work with Flash), I think it will take quite a long time, but I'll try to be efficient and quick.

Feel free to leave a comment about what do you think or anything else you wanna ask.
Enjoy my audio submissions in the meanwhile ^^

EDIT: Logo! Whoohoo!! :D

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Possible new point-n-click horror series?


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2010-09-16 11:13:50

The prisoner logo looks awesome.
You might want get rid of the white bevel stuff and make that just red!

(Updated ) KKSlider60 responds:

Yeah, that was my fault actually... Couldn't handle well the transparency.
You won't see it in the game, of course :)

EDIT: Here, fixed ;)