"Back To Basics" - New Free Album Coming Soon!

2011-01-03 14:47:12 by KKSlider60

Hey there Newgrounders, it's been a while. ^^

Since I'm not used to lay down on the couch doing nothing in absolute lobotomy even in holidays, I'm preparing something special for you. Yes, it is a completely free album featuring my electronic music and it is going to be called "Back To Basics".
I'm planning to release its tracks here on NG individually, and re-release the ones that are already here with temporary titles (the ones called "Untitled", "No Title", etc.).
So, please stay tuned and leave a comment below! =D

I'm also planning to make some sort of sequel (but it's not, in reality) to "Snow Covered Window", along side my brother Insanctuary. Coming soon that too.

Happy new year all!
KK Slider

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