KK Slider / SkyLight - Sounds from Space

2011-05-14 09:03:38 by KKSlider60

Some weeks have passed since the last post, and I'm now proud to announce the release of my split album with fellow SkyLight (or 5kyLight).
Standing ovation, please...

As you might have noticed, the theme behind all this is space and the universe. I'll freely leave other interpretations to the listeners' fantasies, and what I (or rather, we) really hope is that you find this enjoyable, and help us share it on the web.

Thank you everyone for your precious support, you guys rock. \m/
KKS / SkyLight

KK Slider
01. Launch - Across the Galaxy
02. Intergalactic Space
03. Towards the Emptiness
04. Apeiron (remix)

01. Orbit
02. Dreams of Earth
03. Not in the Future



KK Slider / SkyLight - Sounds from Space


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2011-05-14 09:17:22

So KK doesn't stand for Kitty Krew at all? pffffbt Whatever. I am out of here.

That is some great sound. I will send as many your way as I can. Though I am not in a very active network matrix.

My only beef is maybe you create some icons for your music. It looks weak and bland here on Newgrounds. Aesthetically speaking, of course. I have four cheap looking links to your music on my userpage. I don't mind, but if you wish to grab people's attention, you need flashing lights and boobies, maybe.

KKSlider60 responds:

Something like "going pro", huh? XD
I once thought of that without even preparing some icons, or images... something that represents me. I could use my signature "KKS" icon... I dunno... what about porn? My music is already sexy, I fap on it every second.

Thanks for your help man, I hope you enjoy this effort ;)


2011-05-14 09:32:24

I am enjoying right now. The music is great.

Sex sells, so what ever you decide, I was just being 80% silly, 17% cereal, 6% Willy Wonka, and 2% digital.

KKSlider60 responds:

Hehe, I hope my split mate SkyLight will read all this xD
Thanks again (fer teh lulz).


2011-05-14 09:39:21

Well, I hope so too. Look at those download speeds. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5 d424a61f02788aee4bfc69c7118eef9

KKSlider60 responds:

Always better than MY download speeds. Even a snail would download things faster than I do.


2011-05-14 10:46:27

Icons look good. Nice calm blue. Real mellow vibe.

KKSlider60 responds:

Mh ^^ Human eyes are more sensitive to green and blue, who are thought to be relaxing colors, all thanks to our atmosphere (for the most part).


2011-05-14 14:59:55

Green means food, blue means water and drink, with those colors around you, you should not have any anxiety about your next meal or thirst. I am sure that is the reason. I plan to go out into the wild very shortly and enjoy going back to my roots. I will live as a caveman, drinking from streams and puddles, and eating what ever fits in my mouth. I wont bathe, and I will refuse to speak English. I hope I find a nice cave in a warm climate to spend the rest of my days. Maybe find a nice looking girl hiking in the mountains to make my wife,.

KKSlider60 responds:

Sounds like a good plan, ha!


2011-05-21 23:56:09

Ahaha, I've read all of this KK, don't worry :D

When my computer gets fixed we should totally do something like this again. ..I've said that too many times, haven't I?

Anyways, yeah. Definitely putting this on the web everywhere. WEWT!

KKSlider60 responds:

Lol, welcome XD
Yeah, I'm definitely counting on you to share this. I can't do much because of time constraints, as you already know.
If you host this somewhere else, please give me the links and I'll provide more info.
Million thanks,


2011-05-22 15:34:40

Yeah, I put it up on my personal FaceBook page (not SkyLight) but I will put up like a promo or something on YT and definitely a link to that on Twitter.

KKSlider60 responds:

Ok then, see you around and thanks again ;)


2011-06-04 00:49:32

Yes!!! I was looking through my liked music and then I remembered yours and I wanted to see if you were coming out with anything new and I'm into your new soundtrack. Please keep on making moar music! I love it so! ^-^

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you ^^ I will definitely do more stuff in a near future so stay tuned ;)


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