The Oneironaut - Looking for programmers

2011-07-18 05:46:06 by KKSlider60

Hello all, I haven't posting here since the faded "Prisoner" project of months ago. Well, forget it for now.

"The Oneironaut" is a concept for a retro-styled puzzle/exploration game. Precisely...
"You are trapped within one's own subconscious and you must unveil his identity by travelling through his mysterious maze, solving puzzles and riddles, exploring the deepest frontiers of the mind. A journey of inner discover, enshrouded in doubt and seemingly never-ending darkness.
Oneironaut means "dream traveller"."

I don't know how Flash works, nor have any idea on how to develop something there, and I've actually just finished to write the main guide lines for any programmer/coder (with some experience on this field) who is willing to help me turn my concept into reality.
I am quite experienced with music and sonic design, as well as drawing in pixel-art style, so I'll mainly focus on graphics and sound, not to mention the script (plot, in-game dialogues and messages, puzzles, game mechanics).

Also, and unfortunately for somebody, I cannot afford to pay the eventual volunteers willing to join the project. I mostly believe in the art of crafting things of acceptable quality and sharing them for free to those who like me seek genuine gaming experiences. So yeah, you're doing it for free.

I didn't post here in details the main aspects of the game, because I will send a PDF file with the main concept to those who are interested and thus want to cooperate. You will find, in general and briefly, what I basically got in my mind. :D

My email and contacts will be sent by PM.

I actually need only one experienced programmer, even if the project takes too long to be developed, but I can well welcome one more maybe as a beta-tester or bug tester.

Thank you in advance for your attention,

The Oneironaut - Looking for programmers


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2011-07-20 16:17:42

My friend is really good with C++, I'll ask him if he wants to help you with it :D
I would help with music/sound etc. but knowing you you've got that covered. lol

KKSlider60 responds:

If you want to collab, why not? ^^ Less work for me XD
Just kidding, you're more than welcome in the team, and I said below, your friend would be awesome even if he works with C++.


2011-07-20 16:18:43

If he does agree to help you though, You're still gonna need someone who can work in Flash :P

KKSlider60 responds:

Well yeah, I need a Flash coder/animator in fact. But I won't reject your offer though, I could well team up with your friend :D
I would be more than glad


2011-08-06 10:11:14

Ooh, that would be awesome if I could collab with you on this one! :D
I don't have Reason atm but I will still make lovely pieces for you lol.

PM me at my new account (I'll send you a link to it when I've made it) about it!


2011-08-07 18:34:12

I program in AS3. Full object-oriented and nicely organized. I'm creative and may come up with ideas for you as well.