The most downvoted album in NG's history!

2011-10-02 08:48:05 by KKSlider60

Hey, sup.

I've recently had some fun testing the users' behavior regarding the voting system here, and I thought that keeping the score close to zero is as hard as trying to keep it at five, even though most users (a.k.a. pissy bored sapiens sapiens) are naturally inclined to vote zero.

As GLaDOS would say, "This was a triumph. Huge success."

Well, those five tracks made up, actually, a demo album, called... *drum rolls* ..."0".
My view of it is... no, I don't have a view. But you could have your own interpretation about that.
It was really funny to see my friends voting zero and regretting it soon after because they wanted me "to die in a fire". Some actually refused to vote zero, and some others accidentally voted 5. xD

It was quite an interesting experience.

Like... 0-bombing with love. <3
I hope you share my message with the rest of the internetz.
"Numbers are just numbers. Actions are what truly matters most."

Anyway, here's the tracklist, the download link below (it's free, dudes), and if you download it all from Bandcamp there's some extra info and artwork. Finally, enjoy =D
01 (04:19)
02 (07:11)
03 (02:21)
04 (01:46)
05 (04:36)

Total time - 20:15

The most downvoted album in NG's history!


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2011-10-02 19:27:38

Congrats. Not only is it the most downvoted, but it was on purpose! haha. Quite a triumph indeed. :P

KKSlider60 responds:

Indeed my friend. Indeed.
For science.


2011-10-08 15:21:09

I like what you are doing here.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you :)