Nullgrounds Asylum - Novum

2011-12-04 13:31:20 by KKSlider60

Welcome to my new side project, "Nullgrounds Asylum"! :D

As explained in my previous newsletter, it's a separate project that includes and will include experiments of any possible atmosphere and sound. It's going to include plenty of distortion, glitch, electronics, ambient, dark ambient, but also melody and acoustic instrumentation.

"Novum" has just been released on both Bandcamp and Facebook.
It's the first release and it's lengthy, compared to my previous works, clocking at 54 minutes with twelve fresh tracks.

Here is the tracklist:
01. Cathedral (02:49)
02. Dreamwood (03:19)
03. Reminiscence (02:17)
04. The Feedback Chamber (02:36)
05. March of the Bots (02:16)
06. Contemplation (04:41)
07. Safe Room (00:52)
08. Reprise (01:28)
09. Power Plant (02:59)
10. VR (01:50)
11. Cosmic Microwave Background (07:57)
12. Indeterminacy (21:03)

Total time - 54:07

So what are you waiting for? Click the links below and enjoy! ^^
Facebook page: nds-Asylum/201676863247337
Bandcamp: Free download and streaming!

Nullgrounds Asylum - Novum


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2011-12-04 16:48:51

Good album. :-)

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you!


2011-12-04 17:57:11


KKSlider60 responds:

\m/ Woot :D


2011-12-05 12:57:59

Enjoyable album, not sure how good an idea having every track fade out was, but it certainly gave the album a distinct feel in my mind. Good stuff!

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you ^^
I'm very glad you enjoyed it.


2011-12-08 23:49:48

I intend to review all your work.

KKSlider60 responds:

Go ahead :)
It'll be an honor for me