The KKS Manifesto

2012-01-03 06:17:00 by KKSlider60

I was listening to Solar Fields last night... Has anybody ever experienced that awesome feeling of being completely chilled out, in direct touch with nature, and open to any sort of fantasy coming from your imaginative realm? His style has been labelled "psytrance, downtempo, ambient, IDM, experimental..." I simply call it "music".

Why there's not so much music like this around? If there is, why is it not advertised properly?

What I'm about to write is something I'd call a "Manifesto", a series of principles and tips that every aspiring or professional musician could take well in consideration. It's not as "shocking" as some other art manifestos in history, nor it's intended to be revolutionary in any way.

I'm not pretending to let it sound original, but I'll try giving a few... "twists" to the general idea.

It's not a guide for composing music, but a guide to feel music.

1) Welcome any sound you can get, for they will surely enhance your musical journey and enrich your whole realm of thoughts. Experiment.

2) Be creative, and imaginative. Open your eyes to a grander scheme of soundscapes and atmospheres, and let them fill your mind. Expand.

3) Every musical track can be "personal" once, given a rich and vast soundscape, anyone can give their own interpretations on it, according to life experiences and so on. Experience.

4) Don't stop making steadily more articulate and advanced-sounding tracks. Add more depth, let it sound even more interesting. Explore.

The KKS Manifesto


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2012-01-07 20:46:13

Back to reviewing.

KKSlider60 responds:

Take your time and enjoy the sounds.


2012-01-14 15:22:34

I'm going to snatch of '12

KKSlider60 responds:

You're going to what...?