New work coming soon

2012-01-14 16:14:29 by KKSlider60

UPDATE: With these tracks I got close to thirty minutes of material, so I might release all this in a very near future. The EP will be entitled "Blueprints".

Indeed. A new EP is coming soon, that will include some of my most recent tracks and some new ones as well. Stay tuned and go listen to these tracks that will be featured on the EP! ;D
Finally, enjoy

Dreamtime Awakening
The Starlit Valley
Artificial World
Urban Symphony
Elemental Mist

I was thinking about how sometimes people are confused about what they're going to or expect to listen when they click on a random submission of mine, and it turns out that it's an unpolished or extremely poorly made track. So, I will distinguish from now on those test tracks from the "actual" more polished and atmospheric tracks. How? The crappier ones will have a blank, white CD image, while the rest will have a custom image related to their title. Simple as that.


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2012-01-17 19:26:53

Good work. I'm working on reviewing your work from 2012 now, and onward.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you for your dedication. :)