Upcoming YT channel overhaul

2012-02-23 17:31:41 by KKSlider60

Dear listeners, I'm happy to announce a general overhaul of my Youtube channel that will occur in the following weeks, at an unspecified point in the future.

It will be primarily a streaming channel for the music I've published in my Bandcamp account, with each release being a playlist.

The videos published so far will be gathered in a single playlist called "Old Videos", so that you won't lose comments, likes or faves.

Many thanks for all your support shown so far. :D


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2012-02-23 19:21:25

Hmm...the newest editions of your music seem to have a space theme.

KKSlider60 responds:

I leave it open to interpretations as, in fact, there could be many themes surrounding a piece.
For instance, take "Artificial World" and "Skyline" - they're both in the same EP, but they're completely different in sound, offering a wide palette of thoughts. Yes, I use space-y sounds in my music to give a sense of immersion and relaxation. I've recently adopted my own way to make more focused soundscapes while still feeling free to experiment new sounds and instruments, and without leaving that "I don't really like it" or "This could have been better" thought in my head, typical of my early dead-end experiments.