Upcoming split KK Slider / Antiskill

2012-03-24 17:05:56 by KKSlider60

I'm happy to announce that both me and Antiskill are working on a split album that will be primarily released here for streaming and download!

We'll be gradually releasing the track the moment we make them, so here's a little taste of what the complete work will sound: first original track by Antiskill, "Nothing Less"... and then my cover of it!

Antiskill - Nothing Less

KK Slider - Nothing Less [remix]

Enjoy the vibes!
EDIT: Maybe I'll include this new track too! Industrial Mirage


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2012-03-24 17:43:01

>>:( You have no skill!!!

... jk. Nice work.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thanks, Mr. Waffles.


2012-03-25 17:01:57

My interest has definitely been piqued by this!..feels so organic
Keep it up :)

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you! I'd like to have a chat with you sometimes ;)