Random update

2012-08-02 18:48:56 by KKSlider60

As you may have noticed lately, my "a new track is going to be uploaded soon omgomgomg" update turned out to be a half-flop, meaning that the said anticipated is still work in progress and the release date is likely to be "when it's done".

This track consists of a medley of about a dozen of my - what I consider to be - my most memorable pieces, and yes, it's fully symphonic. A virtual orchestra, nonetheless. The reason behind the making is simple: it's merely a celebration of my (almost) 3rd anniversary of composing. It would be great if I release this track on September, since I first started experimenting on that month in the far, far 2009.

I'm actually taking a break from making music due to real life matters, and I will probably release something "serious" in about months.

Well, so long fellow Newgrounders and fans alike! I hope you enjoy what I've released so far. As always check my Bandcampfor the "official" stuff and my Newgrounds submissions for more experimental/silly material. You can also check my Youtubeif Bandcamp gives you problems of any sort, and my Facebook page. ^^

See ya around,


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