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Something something

Posted by KKSlider60 - September 2nd, 2012

Allright, what to say, where to start.

- This song got featured in the front page somehow after almost a year since its release. Listen to it, 's a good one. ;) Also on youtube, and bandcamp. Too lazy to link, go look for them below my logo on the right (and the ads, if you see 'em). Thank you. <<<

- Been recently fucking up with Photoshop and its filters, you can see it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kkslider60/kk s-creepy-baby The guys at Adobe must be selling their souls to the devil, literally. They're doing a crazy ass job with the software and it's probably going to be better in the next years.

- Just busy. College is about to start, I gotta study and I have tons of projects on the works, including a new album and some other stuff I left some time ago. I need a vacation just to enjoy the upcoming winter.

- If you want to collab or ask for permission for one of my tracks, just drop me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I can. I apologize in advance if I don't instantly reply on your reviews, blame the retardesign for that.

- You've checked my links before, haven't ya? DO IT.

- So apparently, the NG CD 2012 collab project is in its final stages of development. It interests me in particular because I participated there with a brand new track, that will be released just for the occasion along with the other songs, and I'm really excited about how did this project go and how the people involved had the inspiration and the fun to move along and sharing ideas together. Please welcome the album with a big, fat applause when it'll be released, not just for me but for everyone who really moved their asses making something special for the great audience that is the internet. THIS is Newgrounds.
EDIT: And apparently, Newgrounders can't fucking read a post. So to avoid confusion, the CD is still waiting for Tom's approval about physical releases and distribution of said project. Thank you.

- And now, random image...! You've been naughty didn't ya, boy?

Something something

Comments (2)

Hey I thought I saw that!! haha. Congrats. One of my favorite tracks of yours.

Deja-vu! Haha. Thanks brother, glad you enjoyed :D

Whats this newgrounds project your speaking of that i may have finished and just havent released yet because im awaiting toms orders

Wait wha- Oh it's you. :D Well, if people CAN read they would understand that it's still in development/on hold.