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Good game, I cleared it in 31:37 without a walkthrough. :) Aside from the jump scare, which I find completely unnecessary in any occasion, this was a well executed thriller point and click with not overly difficult puzzles and an acceptable degree of exploration. Made you also wonder if the killer would come checking your cell and screw your game, but luckily it did not happen. XD

Bonus points for the notes scattered throughout the scenario, a pretty common way of delivering possible plots in this kind of games. I wonder how the previous prisoners managed to set the puzzles and clues for the player though, it seemed like they had a lot of time at their disposal before... well. Anyway, nice job!

As soon as I got the final message I felt the urge to comment this experiment. This Flash is one that leaves mixed reactions among the people who stumbled across it. Let me explain why.

I think they fail to see this as a tech demo or simply an experiment, to begin with. It was meant to show what you can potentially do with this new software of yours, script-wise and graphically. It has no real story, safe for those few lines of dialogue that served as a pretext for adding slightly more depth to the ensemble. It brings no actual revolutionary gameplay of some sort, and it's a classic 2D platformer with an exploration edge. There's no music and there's only a background wind loop for enhancing the feeling of desolation and loneliness. All these elements just served the purpose of testing the above mentioned software.

We can only wait for you to submit a Flash that lives up to the intriguing atmospheres of your previous games, and in conclusion, this only shows a promising future. :)


Games like these are perfect for nighttime and you're awake. This really makes you feel like you ain't wasting your time playing a stupid game, it's a full interactive art experience. Minimalist design and challenging stages, I got stuck several times especially on the bridge stage (Half-Life logo and Obey poster, for the win) without noticing the tiniest detail. By far the hardest chapter of the series, and excellent visuals as always.

-Review Request Club-


I love experimental platformers such as this game. When videogames can be art, if you mix the right formula in its place where it should be since the beginning.

This is probably one of the best representations of a lifetime in the entire site... The linearity of the early days, the multiple paths of adolescence (where only one path is right), marriage, work, elderly life, until the end, surrounded by your dearest people mourning over you.

Now, onto the technical aspects, and most importantly why did I give a 9.
Minimalism is the key word here; it's not quite the same Flixel-made spam we have seen over the weeks. Gameplay is simple yet effective, and yes, it doesn't need to be complex ALTHOUGH - like someone said before me - there's still roam for improvement.
1) Starting from the music... hell, I'd compose something for you instead of just a simple piano loop. Even if it fits the mood and all, but it's just too simple.
2) Graphics, well... there are mixed opinions about this, and mine is... they could be improved just a bit. What about some more colors or better textures?
3) Instead of just a hop'n'bop game, gameplay could be a little more "deep". What about adding some more obstacles, or some other basic abilities? Technically, the game is just a well-made maze with just one path to follow. Try to add some "tweaks" next time ;)

This is a great concept, developed into a slightly flawed masterpiece.
Looking forward to play a sequel or similar game from you. Good job,

Fun and addicting

Couldn't ask for more, actually. :D
Thanks for having me on your team, it was a great pleasure ^^
Good luck with future projects as well

frozencoin responds:

You music is awesome chiptune and i'm proud of using it in my game.

Nice one

It's a good entry for that 72 hours challenge, I've seen worse. Arcade-ish, simple music and graphics, not ambitious, a fine stress reliever if you had a hard day. :)
Good job everyone hope you make more of these,


This totally reminds me of an open source game called Knytt Stories. It is exactly the same, maybe you were probably inspired by it.
For a flash game it's fairly short, and pretty minimalist in everything, ranging from graphics to music. I'll give it an 8 for its not-so-great uniqueness and for the lack of a real storyline and overall depth, though it is a valid Flash title.

Speed Metal Ski

Anything with Joe Stump as BGM kicks ass. ;)

And so it ends...

This has been one of the most interesting Flash experiences on this very site. I loved every bit of this series... the black humor, the creepy/noir atmosphere, the incredible storyline, artwork and voice acting - everything.
Excellent job, hope you come back with another superb series. ^^


...but slow. I don't know if it's the extra content packed in there but the game seems to be slow even on "high efficiency mode". Oh well, without that problem it's a challenging and great game, and must love the tech tree of towers. :)

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