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KKSlider60's News

Posted by KKSlider60 - January 13th, 2010

Hi newgrounders, got some news for you (who cares, anyway).
I tried to upload my first "art" submission, and the result can be viewed below my audio tracks in this same page.

Drawing is my life, I love it and I literally do it anytime and everywhere. It disgracefully happened that this time my soul has made fun of a well-known (for me) Heavy Metal genre, known to the blackest blackness as Funeral Doom Metal.
Aaah! The shame...
Now the Angel of Death will knock on my door (*touch balls*) and will claim my life with a single, graceful slash of his Dark Scythe of Doom (*squeezes balls*)!

Allright, allright, I'll stop. Now.
... ...
Aw, screw this. =P
Well, I guess I've got nothing else to say. Enjoy my works and let Doom Metal guide your path (into darkness).

KK Slider

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 27th, 2009

I didn't realize until now that I uploaded a wrong version of "Tough Battle", with a booming bass during the very end of the piece.
I'm really sorry for that, I'm trying to remove that version.
A fixed one can be found and available for download here.

Again, sorry, I hope you still enjoy that work.
KK Slider

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 25th, 2009

Hi everyone!
To celebrate Xmas, I've just submitted two pieces of mine, one entitled "Tough Battle" and the other "Empty Inside".
Enjoy and have a merry, merry Christmas! =D

KK Slider

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 8th, 2009

Hi there, and welcome to my *empty* profile!
If you're desperately searching for a music-maker to enslave and force him to work onto your world domination plans, I'm available as an Ambient/Dark Ambient artist.
Know what you're looking for, these are my ways to compose music... my style, for instance. I'm...
- ...minimalist: few instruments, good atmosphere, that's my motto;
- ...electronic: that's my realm. I try to compose every subgender of electronic music, less than house and hardcore, which I don't like;
- ...atmospheric: Ambient, that's my favorite genre, and IMO, the most popular genre used in video games (especially in "poetic adventure" games).

So, that's it!
And welcome... welcome to City 17.
It's safer here...
(someone will answer: "my ass" after playing Half-Life 2 for 90 hours)

KK Slider