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tiki tiki

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If it ain't part of a comic book it's freaking great no matter where you put those vignettes.
There's some amazing art there and I see you put really attention to every single detail, meaning that's top-notch quality.
I love the totem... O.o

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Cimmerian wlk Cimmerian wlk

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Gosh, I love black'n'white pictures like this...
They're so dark, and gloomy... This forest alone would be a perfect match for a Black or Funeral Doom album cover. =)
Great anyway,

wolfternus responds:


Colored Horn Colored Horn

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey, that's a nice colored horn xD
I praise the ones that digitally color something, so yeah, good job mate.

Kinsei responds:

hey thanks man, I still feel I got a long way to go with digital painting to be anything like M-vero or Mindchamber....

Elk's 2D Fighting WotLK RPG Elk's 2D Fighting WotLK RPG

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Clash of the titans

You could put up an RPG game like nothing!
Incredible job there, I'm without words. I really admire pixel artists like you, 'cos I know that achieving that result is a real PAIN. :O

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Oh happy day! Oh happy day!

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Pixel art is so awesome... and so is this image.
Cheers for that! Amazing job =D