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As soon as I watched the "Smile" posters it immediately became evident to me the analogy to that great Flash. I remember watching that movie, even commenting it afterwards, with a heavy weight in my heart as if that dystopia were true - breathing people's illusions. This becomes an expansion on that concept, of nightmarish grandeur, and that's why I got chills in the first place... The lifeless smiles, the culture of image draining the very life from you, and the illusion of getting rid of your crappy life. Was it worth? Hell no. Prole 514 was lured by the merciless industry, aspiring to become one of them by abandoning his own safe lair when the chance occurred. He became what he probably hated most, and forced to live a non-life forever. Sure, his former life wasn't that bright and he maybe didn't even have the money to eat... but at least he was free. Of dreaming.

Lol, I didn't even know you used Contact for this! Awesome :D

Unigodspawn responds:

Hahaha! well, first time I heard "Contact" I said: "I have to put this on a flash somehow...", great song btw! ;) and thanks!

These masks...

Are running our species, imposing their fake ideals, identities, every day, every night.
These masks have been ruining our very existence since the dawn of times.
These masks have limited our vision of life to the point we cannot see ourselves - we are blinded to the point we help each other to dig our own grave even more.
In a spiral of delusion, illusion, deception, that grow more "real" if we give them gradually more importance.
We don't need masks, we need to free ourselves from such illusions, fears, doubts, anxiety, and this flash proves it.
This flash is about never giving up on their twisted ways of deciding the fate of others. We're born to be ourselves no matter what. This movie has actually a happy ending, whereas in "Smile" (a similar old flash) we can see the exact opposite and the triumph of hypocrisy. We need more short movies like this one, that help people recognize themselves from what they are, simply living their life, free from pointless fears.
Thank you,

Pikachu used to be a Pokemon until...

...he took an arrow to the knee.
Oh well, shit happens.
Good job, man :D That's how I imagine Pokemon battles anyway...

I'm fave-ing this

This is clearly beyond awesome.
Creepy, experimental, psycho-thrilling movie with an atmosphere that just envelops you in its dark veils. Like a never-ending nightmare, a spiral of terror and pain renewal. It makes me think of those sad child abuse episodes, where the now grown-up victims have either mental/personality disorders or are still deeply traumatized.
Stuff to think on.

Very interesting

I love discovering ancient secrets, to have proof that human civilization has remained the same for over thousands and thousands of years.
A great animation that shows how far mankind can give meanings to a simple geometrical pattern or shape.
Very informative video, thank you


How did you come up with this idea? XDD
Pure genious, haha =D

TheBoogley responds:

I made it in five hours on the day of the screening, it's funny what comes out when you just put your head down and bash something out :3


This is wonderful, from every point of view.
I appreciated the experimental soundtrack, it flowed and blended very well with the animation which, in my opinion, showed the pinnacle of the Origami and Flash art.

TheBoogley responds:

thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

This is great

I've even played the "game", and I think it's still great as an interactive movie. But this reading is awesome, with all the grammar errors and misspellings on spot!
Totally awesome,

It never gets old

Two years of watching this... No regrets. xD

Fooling around. A lot.

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