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Liked the twist you gave it near the middle, almost unexpected. It's like peace being suddenly torn apart by a serious threat. It has action ^^
Great job bro,

EmpyrealVis responds:

Thankyou . Not what I was trying to protray though . It resembles the deep, the mystifying points of our beloved snake in the sky . Glad you liked it <3 . Cheers~



Voices of shattered dreams, broken by light. A new life, new hope arise.
Yes, it flows very well, just like the river of life... To me, this is just like that... a stream of light and darkness, prevailing each other in one moment or another.
Well done ^^

EmpyrealVis responds:

Very deep thoughts . I enjoy reviews like these, really . ^-^ . Pretty much how you describe the piano . ^-^ . Thankyou, =P Cheers ~ ^-^;



I don't know about Techno, but it sounds more like an easy-listening pop-rock or synth pop tune, IMO. Musically speaking, it's just like the other submission you uploaded - not too ambitious, neither complex, and quite "happy". But it's just like you said... it would sound great in a Kirby-like video game.
Keep up ^^

thebigtarget1 responds:

Ya not quite techno but it didnt really fit in anything else either. I thought it had a slight techno feel so we put it in as that. O and luckily the loop is working correctly now! just realized that
But thanks again for the support. Hope all goes well for you!
On a side note, this chord change on Techno Realm changes the chord each note on the piano: C, F, A, G, E. the other song (Hapiness Comes in Harmony) is actually C, F, C inverted, F inverted. Its pretty epic if u ask me.
-Greg and Kyle-

Happy tune

Puts me in a good mood, indeed. Simple, strait to the point, not too ambitious, and great equalization. Decent sampling, also. :)
Definitely good for a happy daily scene, keep up ^^

thebigtarget1 responds:

Honestly it would be better if the loop was working correctly. My edit is coming in soon tho. If it doesnt work i am going to delete both these songs and resubmit as the new versions. But thanks for the support! I am just learning this software but based on others i have heard this one isnt half bad. Thanks again and good luck with life! -Kyle and Greg-


It's a great tune, very nice ^^
Although there's a con: this seems to suffer from over-compressing/limiting. But maybe it was intentional, I don't know. Probably it's just slightly different tastes xD


- Easy-listening tune, very easy to remember
- Pretty linear structure and build-up
- Professional mastering and equalization
- Good as a mood-enhancer or as a background tune

- Sounds more like an atmospheric instrumental j-pop song rather than an Ambient one... very "japanese" sounding
- Too "happy" to be dedicated to someone who's been dream-raped xD I was expecting Dark Ambient or isolationist music, frankly

Overall: 9/10 - Because I've seen far worse submissions that have been labeled "ambient". :)
Keep up bro,

SuperGoodSound responds:

well, not all songs about sad things have to be sad, this one I kinda made thinking of everything "turning around"

but yeah, the song title I suppose is kinda misleading


It's a nice upbeat tune. There's only one thing that bothers me a bit: the overall sounds a little distorted, maybe because of the channels reaching the maximum volume or because of the instruments themselves. Other than that, it's a cool piece. :D

Nice one

I like the drums... Why can't I make these drums? D:
Jokes apart, the whole build-up part is great and seems to be very versatile. It could be put in an overworld theme, or a platform game, as well as a retro racing game. Keep up man, we could do an 8bit collab together ^^

HungarianSubstations responds:

Thank you, and not at all haha, your drums sound great!

On the subject of a collaboration: I would LOVE to! I was actually thinking the same thing haha!


Very church-y, or mystical. I like it though. =)

HungarianSubstations responds:

Thanks again, and yes the progression is very much like one that would be played on a church-organ haha!

Haha, this is great

Puts me in a good mood :)
A good "I'm high in a videogame" theme?

HungarianSubstations responds:

Thank you very much man, it's appreciated!
Us 8-bit producers have to stick together! Haha. But yeah, I'm really glad you like it, and thank you VERY much for the reviews!

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