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Hell yeah

One of those "pissed off" days, huh?
There are moments where I only listen to death and black metal... XD
Sick riffs \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Yeah. Tuesdays suck ass. Mostly always.

Glad you dug it!

Thrash Fucking Metal

This screams Thrash from the 80s all over NG. Reminds me of the most aggressive Thrash and proto-Thrash bands like Kreator, Venom and Slayer. Your voice resembles a lot Chronos's from Venom, which is badass. xD
Even though this track is brief and without a solo, it's just some great Thrash packed in a few riffs.
Keep up thrashin' mad \m/

Schleif responds:

thanks alot! didn't spend alot of time with this one, hence no solo. kickass review, much appreciated! keep rocking \m/


It's some serious Death/Thrash Metal, something rare here on NG. Unless it was intended, it should be mastered and equalized better - the guitar overshadows too much the other instruments, whereas drums are usually on spot.
I can't wait to hear the vocals ;)

oscarsmack responds:

thanks for the review. I agree that the equalization needs to be better. the only instruments are the two guitar tracks and the drums, but the drums I use sound so shitty that I purposley turn them down, so they're present but ignorable. I need a better drum machine, and some kind of mixer/recorder that will let me record from the soundcard. lemme know if you've got some suggestions. \m/

Mindless Mountain

Phew, I finally had the chance of listening to this masterpiece. :)
I think it's more than just Ambient, really, Newgrounds is very limited genre-wise. It's more atmospheric than lots of your previous tracks, more "epic". You were absolutely right when you said that the creative break you had was regenerating.
Simply great bro ;D

EternalSoulution responds:

Thankyou. I really can't tell if it's ambient or not, I still believe it's ambient, and if it's listenable to the point people think it would be great for a game. Then I am sure my idea of it being ambient, and it being great, compared to being in a game, makes it doable to be in ambient. Thankyou for the score, and the review.

<> EternalSoulution <>

Big fat ten

And entirely deserved. This is the kind of Ambient I've been looking for. A static wall of sound, an atmosphere, a setting. I agree with SineRider's Steve Roach reference, you should really listen to him if you haven't. Tracks like these are the medicine of my mind and spirit... relaxing, but deep, touching the vibrant strings of your heart.
I'm no hippie by saying that, but it works. Really. :D
I'm honored to have this track on our collab "Dreamsphere", I'm sure everyone will like it

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I will go and listen to him! Sounds awesome. Good luck with the rest of the collab man. I am hoping to put this on a CD soon along with other tracks. The album will probably have about 3 - 4 drone songs with a mix of 3 Jazz songs and maybe even 3 Rock songs. It will be a large experiment. :)


Finally a great Top 5 Ambient track. Never abandon hope, I guess XD
This is one of those textural works I'd even pay to listen to, almost on pair of composers Steve Roach and Brian Eno.
Minimalist, relaxing, soothing, a continuum of eerie sounds and vivid, rich drones - all flowing together, in a very harmonious way. The joy of living, the delusions of life and death, the hard life lessons... everything is in its place, fitting with the whole context.
Great, great job mate - Welcome to the team :D

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Steve Roach and Brian Eno? Oh wow. I hope to be that professional one of these days, but right now I have A LOT to learn. I use freaking Garageband for christs sake. *with Kore Player*. I need to go figure out how to use Reason. That program, from what I have heard, is incredible. I appreciate the fact that you took it as "The joy of living, delusions of life, death..." I always enjoy it when listeners get something from my tracks.


Amazing atmosphere there. Yes, it's very videogame sounding, it reminds me of Dark Cloud 2 at some points. Therefore, it's plain awesome. XD
I have this image of a little forest town, being alone, covered by tall trees, with an eerie mist and weak but diffuse sunlight...
Keep up the great job ^^

lanky21 responds:

Thanks for the words Slider, keep checking back!

Holy shitzu

You were able to give my shitty teen voice a nice chaotic touch ;)
Very Halloween-y bro! Good luck with the contest

l-l-u-m-a-n-s responds:

Thanks bro =D . Glad you liked it . I think the 9 is sexy <3 ~ Cheers

~ l l u m a n s

Heh =D

It's not the mere fact you dedicated this song to me that makes it special. I can hear every experimental pattern in there, every twisted corner, the maze of your own reality. And instruments are very well placed, indeed - the bass really caught me, it's like the keeper of order in a place where chaos reigns.
This is easily one of your best tracks ever made, and I'm honored to be your friend and brother ;D
Long live experimental music,

This is just great

And plain awesome. I can really feel the tribal/ethnic vibe to it, I'm glad you switched to this ritualistic-like Ambient ;D

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