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Minus one point for being WIP. :P

It's a nice step, and I'll give you props for trying to experiment a different approach to this peculiar style.

I would enhance the atmosphere by adding more effects to the instrument at the beginning, or maybe adding a background pad. Sounds a bit too minimalist, IMO.

Everything else is very well made

-Review Request Club-

DjAbbic responds:

You know, the intro could use a pad couldn't it? I'll try it out. Thanks alot for the compliments :)

Very nice

Pretty calm tune for being House and that's nice. At least for me.
It has ambiance, atmosphere, something that most House tracks don't have for sure.

Kicks sound a bit weak compared to the overall mix, but hey, I wouldn't dance to this track, rather close my eyes and imagine the vacuum of space.
Synths are a bit repetitive but I guess that was on purpose. Try putting a second theme in order to give more variance next time, but again, this track is perfect the way it is now.

Great job mate, looking forward to hear more

-Review Request Club-

RetromanOMG responds:

Because of the kick sample pack Isomatic recently posted on the forums, I've remade the kicks in this song to sound stronger.

As for the ambiance (again with the ambiance), I decided to add it in after the fact, since the song seemed really empty without any background noise.

Thanks for the review.


I love lo-fi music, and this track makes no exception to the rule.
Assuming you're an emerging band, my complain would be the emotionless vocals and some minor mistakes scattered through the song.
To the singer I would suggest singing with more grit, you know, add some spice to your vocal line. As for the rest of you, just practice! Practice makes everything perfect, and this makes a good start indeed.
Good luck with your band,

-Review Request Club-

Sawdust responds:

Haha thanks a lot


Great, this was absolutely nice. I like the atmosphere you've managed to pull on, it's very soothing and melodic. A melody that stays in sharp contrast with the industrial-esque percussions, a contrast that gives character to the piece. Very few people manages to get it right, I tell ya.

RobinDB responds:

Haha, thanks again KKS. When I first started writing this song I actually had no idea where I was taking it, or where it was taking me. haha. When I thought of using the recording from one of Frank's songs, I was able to figure it out. Thanks again for the review. :D

Nice work

I'm not into this kind of music, but I like your way of "dubstepping", probably because I've grown a bit tired of nonsensical distorted wah-wah in-your-face fucktarded Dubstep.
This sounds refreshing, it's minimal, it's got character, I ask nothing else from it.
Well done,

RobinDB responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! And ya, I try to avoid the fucktard dub sound. xD I'm glad I could appeal to your taste outside of your genre area. Thanks again.

Well done

I'm not one who just spams 10's (but I am, LOL) without leaving a proper review about tracks. This is great, to me it sounds like our busy, noisy minds... always elaborating something, a clash of information and anti-information, travelling between neurotic systems and whole living electric-charged kingdoms.
So vivid, yet so simple in its essence, it's just like it should be.


Whooooooaaaah... I see dragons... and grass... green grass... betting burned by the dragon... and the dragon sniffed all the smoke... and died... poor him... but the grass was great...

Nice but...

This is great, good mixing and all, but it's just bloody repetitive.
I think it could have been much better if you at least added one diverse pattern, this just gets stuck in your head in an unrepairable way.
In the end it has some good potential to be featured somewhere around here, like an 8-bit retro game indeed.

doppler73 responds:

Thanks for the improvement.


Down right threatening horn-o-rama soundscape. So dynamic, it surely fits any action or war-themed scene.
Great job,

BloodyN00b responds:

I'm afraid it's a bit too generic! =P
Thanks, man =)


Not bad, even if it's pretty predictable, I find it enjoyable and effective, no matter how long is the track nor any other secondary aspects.

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