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Well, this was indeed epic. One thing that I would put is some cymbal or reversed cymbal sound effect between the tracks. That would improve the flow of the song between tracks, and transitions would be a lot smoother. Like between my track and Yodamanjaro's. Also, I'd put the Dubstep tracks together in a row, maybe before the ending.
Anyway, this was a great collab, glad to have been a part of it. Awesome job to everyone ;D


That's some dirty ass bass there. XD Feels very "metallic" to me.
I only think that drums are a bit dry, but I don't know if it's because otherwise it would sound too messy with reverb on. It's a minimalist track, IMO... just an arpeggio, typical half-time drums, bass, a few automations and secondary synths. I was expecting a bit more from the whole, but you said it's "demo-ish" so I won't bitch too much about it. xD
It's a good and simple track, I like it.

Great loop

Very spacey and atmospheric, it's probably the only House style I like, haha. :D
Well done,

Yodamanjaro responds:



This sounds very atmospheric for being House. :D
I actually like it, especially if paired with some external background texture, like rain or water sounds. It's surely a great experience, and my ears thank you ^^
Very brain-stimulating, love it.

kinghousemusic responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I worked hard on this one.

Simply more than interesting

Definitely worth a trip. Haha, jk bro.
It gets very interesting after the introducing vocal samples, when all the synths come in and the main theme is settled. Brings up a very... robotic-sounding, mechanical, droning atmosphere, it almost reminds me of Sudeki, you know... the Krenn Lab. ;D
This is also a nostalgia journey over the realms of 8-bit and 16-bit videogames, those lost gems buried within our deepest, dearest memories, that forever changed us to the ones we are now. Again, sounds gorgeous enough for me to say it's got once more great potential.
Keep up bro =D

PsycheOasis responds:

Thankyou! ^^


Needless to say it's spacey, droning, tempo-less and experimental, traits that are typical of what we call now "drone ambient".

The three-minutes intro sounded pretty intriguing and "metallic", in a way that makes you feel heavy in a very subtle and dark way. Something I would expect to find in a Steve Roach, Lustmord or early Tangerine Dream album.

The theme that follows soon after brings more dynamics to the track and definitely worth a listen, with its synthy and crisp electronics. Three-chords arpeggios with a minimalist approach and basic EQ, not surprising but not failing either.

Windy pads take their vengeance in the third and final theme, bringing a feeling of slight emptiness, isolation and desolation. So much images in this one, it really adapts as a soundtrack for an indie abstract film, probably dealing with depression and solitude too, or even post-apocalyptic futuristic scenarios. The background sound effects really bring life to this theme, and it's refreshing to hear something different from the bottom-heavy sounds used in this.

It's indeed a nicely structured dark journey to the realms of deep psychology, and the fact that you personally went through that makes the whole piece a little more "genuine". Many would look at this and say it's either "spam" or non-music. It's Ambient, people. Background music at its finest. This perfectly fits into the wide commercially labelled "Ambient" category, as it's a deep collage of sounds, delicately manipulated to bring vivid abstract imagery into your minds.

In conclusion, I wouldn't call this a "masterpiece" (hence the droning and monotonous nature), but it's indeed an excellent Ambient track full of layers and atmospheres, and as you even said, worth for a walk in a serene place away from frantic everyday routine.


FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Wow, now that's a detailed review! Even though we call this sort of sound, "drone ambient", it is a rare genre that is simply not heard in todays culture, and therefore is known as "experimental". Comparing this to the famous ambient producer, Steve Roach, makes me feel warm in the heart. I only just recently discovered him when SineRider compared my track, "Breathe With Me" with Steve Roach's style. I checked him out and instantly fell in love.

Some might suggest my inspiration comes from various ambient drone producers, but in reality my inspiration comes from what i see in the world around me. Simply put, my music comes from my perspective. I think that music should replicate what's deep inside our minds, spontaneously erupting our emotions in a waterfall of noises knows as a "vivid soundscape". I love crafting together my emotions, writing them down in electronic form and converting them into music.

The windy pads you described are actually sound effects I recorded with my MacBook Pro. What better way to describe my surroundings then by recording them. I use various sounds that I hear every day to compose some of my music, in order to accurately describe my feelings during certain times.

And you are certainly right about this being "genuine", as I took everything in this track to heart. Thanks again for your lovely review and im glad you enjoyed it! :)

I can't compete with this...

That's it, I'm quitting.
Naaw. xD Did you expect me to review this masterpiece? This is stellar, cinematic production, absolutely not subpar if compared to the real soundtrack music. Maybe you can hear some parts that might sound a bit forced, maybe you can't afford a whole orchestra to perform for you, but this is just impressive and I'm speechless. There's so much to learn for me (and instruments to download, haha =P), it's all so dynamic, vibrant...

-Review Request Club-

Echo responds:

Haha. Don't quit cos of me, it would make me feel all guilty inside :P

Thanks for the review ;)

Pretty unique

The percussive nature of this piece makes the whole track pretty dynamic, almost baroque-sounding. I can imagine myself recalling a story from the Neoclassical age. It's a varied piece, with themes and variation, though they revolve around quite the same chords over and over, this has lots of potential in my opinion. Although nothing "classic"-labelled is terribly original anymore, this manages to have its own character.
Keep it up ;)

-Review Request Club-

ErlendHL responds:

Thank you very much :D


Heya buddy ^^ It's been a while.
I love such battle music. It's intense and gives you adrenaline. It could be our big bad boss's third and final most badass form, what do you think? Haha.
All those pitch automations in the lead synth are a very nice touch, and overall it's really a great track. Feels awesome.
Catch you later :D

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Hope you enjoy this, folks. :D
Being pretty experimental for both of us, we tried to conciliate the two styles together at best of our possibilities. It was fun and it did take quite a good while.

-Review Request Club-

RobinDB responds:

It did take a little while, but we both had business to attend to. lol. I hope they like it too. :P

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