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This could easily work as an intro for a very dark album, possibly Black Metal.
Creepy and nightmare-ish, a bit funny but very well done :D


Nice, crisp and clean. :D
Like an intro to a fractal world, suspended in a timeless dimension (wow). An evergreen discovery, time lapses that reveal the tiniest life moments of microbial life. Ok seriously buddy, this song rocks. It's deep, it's atmospheric, it's mechanical. Like a framework in which every part plays an important role.
Good job ;)

RobinDB responds:

haha thanks. There's still much to be done, but good to know you like it already. :D

Good hybrid

Hey, sounds cool :)
I'm no dance freak, but I can tell this is a nice experiment. It's pretty obsessive and robotic-sounding, and I find the sub-bass at the middle to be a good touch. Try some more atmosphere next time, as some parts sound pretty "empty" to me. As for EQ and mastering, I find no problems at all.
Overall, good job :D

Very good

Yes indeed, it's a good and lengthy DnB track.
I found it pretty minimalist at first, but I gradually got used to the various patterns and instruments spread throughout the whole piece. I was a little uncertain about the sudden break at the middle, lacking in my opinion a bit of depth. The build-up that follows soon after though brings the right justice to that, making it a fundamental part. Good job, overall ;)

YakovlevArt responds:

Intelligent review is intelligent.
What great words. Thanks so much for this review =]

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I didn't expect to find Doom Metal on NG. *__*
I'm a big fan of Doom and its darkest stylistic divisions, such as Funeral Doom and Black/Doom. I like this piece no matter how "imperfect" it may sound.
I'd be very glad if we could make up a collab release together!
Keep it Doom \m/


Feels pretty light-hearted to me, like an intro to some Rated E movie. I can imagine myself walking on a sunday spring morning, it's sunny and warm, and suddenly you get into city life without losing the "chill-out" feel.
Instrumentally talking it's minimalist, absolutely not over crowded with effects and ear-raping synths typical of commercial House, which is great and actually refreshing to hear. It's melodic and there's a lot of emphasis on the atmosphere this track can give, making it catchy and easy listening. So, in a nutshell, for what its probably supposed to sound, it's a nice alternative to the same boring obsessing bottom-heavy beats of modern House and could potentially evolve in a longer, more varied and deep track.


I just loved it... It just sounded like it was taken from either a cartoon or a movie. It's refreshing to hear such works in NG, this mix of comedy and drama that makes you laugh at first and then cry soon after. Wonderful work, keep it up and good luck with the contest! :D

RicePirate responds:

Thanks and thanks. I really appreciate the support :D

Not too shabby

I'm digging this ^^
My favorite part would be the middle, with the epic choir singing high in the mix. It's a somewhat varied track, makes me think of Immediate Music and its commercial trailer-like songs. It could adapt to any scene involving war or, like the title suggests, doomsday scenarios. It's professionally mastered, and aside from little uncertainties in the mixing, everything flows just fine.
Nice job, good like with the deathmatch :)


It's surprisingly relaxing for being House, I'll give you that. I can't really stand tracks that are just beats and annoying synths, but the way you gave it variations each 16 bars and the overall chilling atmosphere, they all contributed to give a considerable depth to this piece. Although one could still dance over it, it's definitely more laid-back than most of the House tracks on NG. It's spacey, chill-out, perfect for a winter day with a faint sun kissing your face while staring at the snowscape around you. I just hit the third loop mark while writing this. XD
EQ is professionally performed, every instrument is where it should be, no compression/limiting problems, and no clipping either.
Well done mate ^^

YakovlevArt responds:

Again, much appreciated!
I always love getting reviews from you, because your choice of words and your explanation of elements of the track are really fun to read =]

I will definitely have to come back and listen to this track when the winter comes to see how good it feels =]
I have been messing around with mastering ways for a while now, trying to attain the right formula I can attach to all tracks that gives them theta edge =/ idk. haha.
i really enjoyed composing the drums, all the different percussion sounds and samples, nothing in there is preset =]
S it was a lot of fun making this tracks, glad you liked it =]

Thanks for the review!


A single instrument able to convey very powerful feelings.
The melody you used, every single note gives quite an "ethnic" flavor, they do remind me of Nordic folk music. Actually, I like even the little glitches and pops here and there, something to break the monotony by introducing non-conventional electronics, although probably pretty involuntary. As I'm writing this, it's probably the fourth time I'm listening to this track. No regrets. ;D

DracMorair responds:

Thank you, I play completely improvised and it comes directly from my soul. Its funny you mention Nordic. I am a heathen and I do pay tribute to my ancestor Bragi, the "god" of Asgard of music and poetry. Your very observant, I like that. Find me on IMVU via DracMorair. I feel you may have more to share than just kind words.

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