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I have different visions regarding this particular atmosphere. It doesn't really evoke me a submerged world in my mind, but I have images of a forgotten land, or a dreaded structure imbued in darkness. Some people could find this soundscape meditative, safe for the sound effects popping out of nowhere. However, some subtle variance would make the experience a bit more interesting and enjoyable, as an 11 minutes track may be gargantuan in most people's eyes. Right now, the atmosphere is pretty minimalist in itself and almost texture-exclusive. Also, do you use Reason? I kind of recognize some sounds... it might be just my impression.

I think there's plenty of roam for improvement here. I like the formless, dissonant dark ambiance you created, as if you're really in that nightmarish dimension witnessing morbid and surreal events. Hastening a bit the progression and adding more layers to the whole mix could possibly open new ways of approaching this kind of soundscape. In my opinion, It doesn't necessarily need a beat or rhythmic patterns, as I imagine this as some sort of opener track for something, but I feel it still lacks a bit of substance and depth.

Sounds professional :D Which is why I'm reviewing this. -jk-
I like the break at 1:18, it sets a new pace and the ambiance created was a nice touch.
It's one of those pieces you are likely to sit back and relax, for its pulsating rhythm will accompany your relaxation efforts and will surely bring you positive feelings.
Good job man, looking forward to another one ^^

YakovlevArt responds:

You pretty much described Uplifting Trance there XD
I'm really glad you think so highly of it. Also thanks a lot for the 5*.

I hope my next compositions are as good as this one, it seems like a GOOD track comes around only a few times a month/year.
Thanks for the review.

Holy shit man :D I definitely want to hear the final version of this track! Sounds awesome even if it's just a preview.

YakovlevArt responds:

Me too man. I have a problem with intros and outros to hard dnb tracks like this though... :/
We'll wee what happens.

Very charming composition, it sounds as if Final Fantasy XII took a step forward towards melody and atmosphere instead of solely relying on virtuosity and scene-dependent material. A prologue to a long journey, full of smiles and tears. Keep making cinematic tracks like this, for their depth and vastness deserve to be listened.

DavidOrr responds:

Well do -- glad you enjoyed the piece. Keep your eyes open for the next installment :)

I didn't know this track o.o
Holy crap man. I surely missed a great one. And it's been almost two years.

It's like staring at the void, lost in a post-traumatic trance where depression is your only friend and suicidal thoughts narrow your way to the inevitable end. A brief respite, a glimpse of hope shining through the nightmare reality around you. Atonement or failure? You choose the epilogue. Your imagination distorts your sight, walls blurring, fading into blackness...

Very nice composition :) One of those "life soundtracks"... a piece that will forever accompany your journey - may it dreamy, or "real". A shard of a conflicting reality, war-torn dimensions, and this is only the beginning.
Looking forward to hearing more from you :3

SimPhony responds:

Thank you very much for your awesome comment! Very insightful and thought-provoking. I also would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to my work! I am very grateful for that!
I have several other tracks I hope to upload soon so keep an ear out!=)

I like the concept behind it. An experiment with ethereal vocals behind a subtle melody and classic downtempo drumming. The ensemble manages to be very immersive, and I can clearly hear the effort and time you spent on it. The vastness of the soundscape you've just crafted is a portal through which my imagination can freely spread its wings and create vivid imagery in my head, as if I had just been transported in a whole new fantastic world, surreal but familiar. I don't know if you know the game "Botanicula", I've played it recently and it was a very unique experience - its sound design was clever and the vocals of this track are similar to some parts of the game.
I'm glad for your top 8 spot down below, keep making tunes like this ;)

Not only dogs...
So sad. We're such a failed race.

Wow. It's probably the first NG track that reminds me of Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms. The downtempo, psytrance laden sound mixed with balanced electronics and sound effects make this track a looping eargasm. There are so many images evoked from this track, all vivid, lucid dream-like, and it's all thanks to the level of immersion and depth this masterpiece has managed to brought to life. A whole new imaginative world, with its echoing calls from a distance and the myriads of sounds surrounding your ecstatic ears - dynamic and beautiful, a triumph of light and darkness prevailing each other in that grand ensemble called "life".

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