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It starts weird but it does grow on you after a while.
The 8bit-like brown noise in the background makes a nice spacey/cyberpunk atmosphere. I was surprised at the climax and the build-up around the third minute, where I also recognized a familiar preset. Bonus point for nostalgia, lol xD
Well done, mate

5kyLight responds:

Yeah, I really gotta quit using so many factory presets D:
Thanks for the review dude.


Nice and clean

Though we use the same instruments, each has got his own distinctive style. While listening to this, I have a bit of nostalgia... especially thanks to those Malmstrom pads you used (long live "Ambient chord 2" XD).
Sounds like an experiment with space rock, or something.
Great job, bro ;D

5kyLight responds:

Thank you!
And yeah, it's funny how our ambient creations are different but work well together. :P
Can't wait for that Apeiron remake.


Great job

Ohh, I know that lead! This could fit in a space shooter videogame... it's frenetic, upbeat and "strange" in a good way.

Ain't much cliché either, but umm... what about the ambiance for our split? XD
There would be too much contrast between my ambient/orchestral style and your house/techno-like one. Unless you want it to sound diverse and vary... I'm not sure.

As a stand-alone track this really shines as a diamond atop a carbon hill, it's pretty dynamic, and I wouldn't be able to bring up such music from scratch even if we use the same software. In fact, I'm not able to make a proper review either, since I'm not used to such music.

Sorry for being a bitch,

5kyLight responds:

No, I'm not going to use this for collab, I just used part of a song that I *am* going to use in this one. That's all :D

Thanks for the review :D


Nice job

It could well fit in a videogame or something. It has that "epic", adventurous feel to it... I can imagine myself being the protagonist and be all "I'm the hero, I'm gonna kick the villain's ass", you know... xD
Even though it's a bit repetitive, it serves well as a 2 minute piece, never failing to sound annoying even when looped.
Great work.

Getting awesome

Names are just names, as sound is just sound.
Even though simple and stripped-down as it might sound, it is rich of ambiance. For the author, this is like an orchestra playing and training underwater. It does have an underwater feeling to it.


It's like sexual abuse on distortion, and trust me I've done much worse things than this. In comparison, this looks like the Mona Lisa, while some tests of mine look like Picasso or something.
This is great, harsh sounding as it's supposed to be, abrasive and... dirty XD

EricFreeman responds:

Yeah, I was trying to make it as filthy as possible. It's kind of the polar opposite of my song "Anti Dubstep", haha.

Thanks for listening and reviewing! :D


Such an underrated pearl. How the fuck did I miss it? I need to re-listen to more of your older creations, this is one of those stand-outs, a must-listen.
Perfect track.

TheAntiMatter responds:



Shame on me I still haven't made a single track... D:
I find this enjoyable, it has its ambiance, character, makes me think of a pulsar star because of the beat. Feel free to experiment, just try not to be too minimalist ;)
I want richness and depth of sound, full-shaped surrounding atmospheres. ^^
This though, it's already a good start.

5kyLight responds:

Thanks :)
Full-shaped surrounding atmospheres? Totally. lol



I see some raw potential here. Sounds naive just like primary school years should be, being thoughtless. Like a soundtrack of a relatively happy childhood.
Don't worry about mastering, it's already at a nice point...

5kyLight responds:

Thanks :D

I dunno why I named it Elementary Again, because I'm way past those years. :P


Hmm :)

A Reason user too, that makes me happy (that I'm not alone *cough*) ^^
I supposed this track serves as a test, or more like a starting line - hopefully - for your career. I can hear an african percussion loop, probably from Rex?
Oh, don't be afraid to spam reverb or other effects... Sometimes it's mandatory to use them.

5kyLight responds:

Yeah, those are a couple kahon loops that come in the Factory soundbank :D

And yes, it is kind of like a "starting line".

Thanks for the review, I'll probably be finished with the Chiptune #5 thing in another day or two :)


P.S. you use Reason too? It might make my life way easier with the chiptune remix if you actually sent me the RNS file.. just sayin' :P

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