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That's an interesting sound design track. It's not really about music anymore, rather, finding a good texture and drone it all the way till the supposed end. Now, it's quite ok if this is your first ambient piece. Let's face the hard reality first, so that I can explain the 10.

- This is not original/unique, as tons of drone and experimental pieces were made a few decades ago, pushing the term "music" to its outer boundaries. In the '80s, ambient music like this was almost a fashion in the underground. Some managed to introduce new elements, some just copy-n-paste'd their same 2-seconds loop over and over for half an hour, and even managed to sell a nice amount of albums.

- This is extremely repetitive. Something that Steve Reich or Steve Roach would appreciate. A quiet wall of sound seldom "colored" by sudden and brief pad chords, those same chords repeated during the whole track. Good for space-themed soundtracks, just not worthy enough as an individual track.

Now, even if this is something I would make in 5 minutes, it still has its character, and manages to be incredibly immersive and "deep". In my opinion, you fully succeeded in your goal, but next time try adding a bit more elements and textures to this piece, as I like to think of it as an intro to a greater, more complex track, and overall, I think it's a nice tribute to Cage. :D


-Review Request Club-

Psil0 responds:

I can definitely understand your reasoning. It's not entirely the most unique thing ever done (except for some very small minor, secret details). But yeah, in a sense all I really wanted to accomplish is something of a recorded/tribute version of Mr. Cage's 4'33. And yeah, it did only take me about 2 hours to completely finish this, so it wasn't that hard to pull off.

Also, thanks for the review!


Man, DnB is hard. Every time I step in, I struggle to find a decent snare sound and making an overall decent break, failing at 70%. xD
Still pretty new to me. Anyway, this track is great... awesome mixing, professional effects and from a technical view point I'd dare to say flawless.
Great stuff bro,

-Review Request Club-

YakovlevArt responds:

HAhahaha, yeah im not the best, that's why this track is not so serious or consistent.
But thanks for liking the sounds, i had a fun time making this track!

A nice piece

I thank you for this chilling track, I'd say I needed to relax a bit with Trance. I'm no expert of this style, but it's a very good beat. It still sounds pretty minimalist at some points where it seems you struggle to give the track some variance. A second variation on the theme was a nice move to "refresh" things up, but I'd still suggest to work more on different patterns and mini-themes. It ain't "flat", but it ain't stellar either, IMO. You still deserve a 10, though, for not having fallen into generic one-chord soundscapes and attempted to give this track a proper deep atmosphere. :D

-Review Request Club-

YakovlevArt responds:

Yeah, i don't even know how to respond to that one.
But i understand what you mean. I will try to fix these problems in future tracks.
Thanks for the review man =]

A new dawn

Lovely and dynamic, that's how I would describe this song, from a technical point of view. The minimalist intro, to the climatic build-up, to the gran finale... and then again looping endlessly, almost flawlessly.

But it's not one of my favorite tracks just because of its "surface". The depth and richness of its soundscape, the multiple sounds and layers, each with its own characteristic is what makes this whole piece dramatic and special. Cinematic, I'd say. I applaude you for being able to make a Lord Track after tiny multiple dead-alley experiments, this is the doorway to a new journey of atmospheres and enigmatic soundscapes.

Well done,

AphoticOasis responds:

I agree with every point you have mentioned. Thankyou for your thoughts.
It definately will be a new beginning for me thats for sure.


Aah, the sheer beauty of piano. All those notes open rivers of images, vivid pictures of the deepest and most poetic aspects of everyday life. An endless stream of thoughts in the perpetual night, crystallized within our conscious mind, breaking mirrors of deception.

I like to imagine myself as the wind, gently riding on the prairies on a sunny morning, when listening to this track. It blows and it storms until it dies, kissing a flower.

Outstanding work, and frankly I didn't even care about the minor mistakes scattered through the track.

MrMusicalLion responds:

I love the way you describe my music, it is poetry to my ears. Thankyou for listening - I am glad you enjoyed it ^_^


Feels very light-hearted. Everything seems to work just fine in the mix, as well as in the overall atmosphere. The pads, synths and the indie-like drums make up most of the main soundscape, and I really have nothing else to say about them.

It reminds me a bit of Gran Turismo 4 - the soft smooth jazz tracks with gentle hints of electronica. It brings a serene atmosphere, fully dedicating yourself into passion for something.

Very nice job, loved it

Birdinator99 responds:

Passion was actually one of the words that came to mind when thinking of a title for this piece, it's cool that you interpreted that!

Thanks for your feedback!


This is lovely, and it gets better each second.
It's dynamic and I can really have a vivid image of strange wizardry and Middle Age-like themes, probably even Harry Potter-like ones.
The tune is simple but effective, I'm just getting carried by the awesomeness. XD
Keep up with the great job,

-Review Request Club-

MeteorManMike responds:

Haha, I love Harry Potter and its music. Wasn't an immediate inspiration, but I can see where you might think so. Always glad when someone says my work is awesome. Thanks for the review!


Almost like Buckethead's Shadows Between the Sky, it's simply great and relaxing, makes you want to fully live your life's best moments again and again.
Thinking positively, being optimist for a brief instance.

The mix is very good overall, and I love the final build-up. I'd say that drums are a bit below the other instruments, like a background layer. If they were more prominent, the track would truly be beyond perfect.

Awesome stuff,

Autumn-Collapse responds:


Thanks for your review! We're glad you like it! It took us a while to get a sound like this. The last draft we made pretty much sucked, so I thought about changing out the guitar strings and practicing a bunch more and this is what we came out with!

Yeah, we noticed it too that the drums are kind of pushed to the background. I'm not sure if that's what we intended but it sort of just happened. We'll play around with the balance a little more to see if we can produce that track that is "beyond perfect."

Thanks for your time :)
-Autumn Collapse


Brother! I haven't heard you in ages! Where have you been? :D
Gotta love this track, for its shortness, for being concise and straight to the point. It has variance, character and atmosphere, couldn't ask for more.

Tokolos responds:

/ thank you Claudio!!! :)

The true winner

Robot Day 2010 was such a flawed competition. I bet everyone below me think of the exact same thing, precisely about one of your tracks being the winning one. Well, we both know what happened next.

Anyway, speaking in absolute frankness I'm not the kind of guy who whines about personal mistakes and say "Ooh! If I didn't that I would have lived a better life". Fuck this shit. You've always made beautiful soundscapes, regardless of how I scored them and how much "spam" are they. They sound incredibly complex, twisted, chaotic, experimental, to the point even my brain crashed when you first showed me your tracks back in the days. This track makes no exception to the rule. That's I love your older tracks, because they're so unique I can't find such atmospheres anywhere on the internet.

A great collage of sounds, delicately manipulated to intricately build the webs of subconsciousness, lying deep within ourselves -hopefully, waking up our sleeping minds.

Just excellent material, past and future

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