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KKSlider60's News

Posted by KKSlider60 - January 21st, 2012

Posted by KKSlider60 - January 14th, 2012

UPDATE: With these tracks I got close to thirty minutes of material, so I might release all this in a very near future. The EP will be entitled "Blueprints".

Indeed. A new EP is coming soon, that will include some of my most recent tracks and some new ones as well. Stay tuned and go listen to these tracks that will be featured on the EP! ;D
Finally, enjoy

Dreamtime Awakening
The Starlit Valley
Artificial World
Urban Symphony
Elemental Mist

I was thinking about how sometimes people are confused about what they're going to or expect to listen when they click on a random submission of mine, and it turns out that it's an unpolished or extremely poorly made track. So, I will distinguish from now on those test tracks from the "actual" more polished and atmospheric tracks. How? The crappier ones will have a blank, white CD image, while the rest will have a custom image related to their title. Simple as that.

Posted by KKSlider60 - January 3rd, 2012

I was listening to Solar Fields last night... Has anybody ever experienced that awesome feeling of being completely chilled out, in direct touch with nature, and open to any sort of fantasy coming from your imaginative realm? His style has been labelled "psytrance, downtempo, ambient, IDM, experimental..." I simply call it "music".

Why there's not so much music like this around? If there is, why is it not advertised properly?

What I'm about to write is something I'd call a "Manifesto", a series of principles and tips that every aspiring or professional musician could take well in consideration. It's not as "shocking" as some other art manifestos in history, nor it's intended to be revolutionary in any way.

I'm not pretending to let it sound original, but I'll try giving a few... "twists" to the general idea.

It's not a guide for composing music, but a guide to feel music.

1) Welcome any sound you can get, for they will surely enhance your musical journey and enrich your whole realm of thoughts. Experiment.

2) Be creative, and imaginative. Open your eyes to a grander scheme of soundscapes and atmospheres, and let them fill your mind. Expand.

3) Every musical track can be "personal" once, given a rich and vast soundscape, anyone can give their own interpretations on it, according to life experiences and so on. Experience.

4) Don't stop making steadily more articulate and advanced-sounding tracks. Add more depth, let it sound even more interesting. Explore.

The KKS Manifesto

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 28th, 2011

Have a look.
'Til next important news.

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 26th, 2011

...a bit of this a bit of that and there you have it.
"Frozen Tears"
"Wintertime Melancholy"


Feel free to comment, rate, fave, 0-bomb, whatever... I just won't care. xD
Happy 2012

EDIT: I forgot to say, if you want to use any of my tracks for depressive low-budget experimental movies feel free to butcher them. If you actually want to use them for good purposes please be kind enough to PM me and say "Yo KKS dawg I wanna use dis n dat in mah speshul moveh" and I'll say "Sure dawg, link me your stuff when you're done". Kthxbai.

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 21st, 2011

It's raining outside, and the wind gently blows at the windows, covered in snow and ice.
The sound of distant thunders echo in the calm town, making its way through white, candid houses... waiting for their true monarch to come. Grey clouds over the streets, the rain seems eternal.

Suddenly, a dim light - a pale sun piercing through the clouds.
Merry Xmas to everyone

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /462160

Posted by KKSlider60 - December 4th, 2011

Welcome to my new side project, "Nullgrounds Asylum"! :D

As explained in my previous newsletter, it's a separate project that includes and will include experiments of any possible atmosphere and sound. It's going to include plenty of distortion, glitch, electronics, ambient, dark ambient, but also melody and acoustic instrumentation.

"Novum" has just been released on both Bandcamp and Facebook.
It's the first release and it's lengthy, compared to my previous works, clocking at 54 minutes with twelve fresh tracks.

Here is the tracklist:
01. Cathedral (02:49)
02. Dreamwood (03:19)
03. Reminiscence (02:17)
04. The Feedback Chamber (02:36)
05. March of the Bots (02:16)
06. Contemplation (04:41)
07. Safe Room (00:52)
08. Reprise (01:28)
09. Power Plant (02:59)
10. VR (01:50)
11. Cosmic Microwave Background (07:57)
12. Indeterminacy (21:03)

Total time - 54:07

So what are you waiting for? Click the links below and enjoy! ^^
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nullgrou nds-Asylum/201676863247337
Bandcamp: Free download and streaming!

Nullgrounds Asylum - Novum

Posted by KKSlider60 - November 18th, 2011

Hey guys!

I'm proud to announce the name of my first side project: "Nullgrounds Asylum"
The meaning? Well, that's up to you.

It's a field exclusively dedicated to experimentation, and some sort of training ground for me too. The goal is to provide an interesting sound design, using extended techniques and blending various styles, including atmospheres that I've already "used" in my previous works. All this for two reasons:
1) For fun.
2) It's dedicated to anyone who happens to listen to my soundscapes.

No, from now on, you won't listen to "music" - no, you won't listen to "noise". Just sounds.
Expect the unexpectable. Melody, harshness, pure noise, weird electronics, mellow chords, melancholy, dreamy atmospheres, abstractism... just to name a few.

The following track is the third of Nullgrounds Asylum's first release, and the full album will be available... when it's done. Yep. The album will be called "Novum", and this song is entitled "Reminiscence".

EDIT: I decided to put here also the fourth track of "Novum", just to show that there will be plenty of variety in this upcoming album. Enjoy "The Feedback Chamber".

Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment :D

Posted by KKSlider60 - October 14th, 2011

As announced 2 days ago, here is my new demo "Oneiros" available at Bandcamp.com!

Musically speaking, you'll never find me stuck with one soundscape only, as I love variety and to experiment with different sounds each time. Some people will probably have heard of a very underground genre known as "Funeral Doom Metal", right? Well, "Oneiros" is basically my approach to it, blending orchestral, atmospheric passages and structures with the slow, melancholic, dirge-like sound typical of Funeral Doom. It's completely instrumental, so no vocals featured in here.

The last "pseudo-Funeral Doom" tracks I've uploaded on NG date back to a year ago, in a time where I was struggling to achieve specific atmospheres and tried anything to obtain nothing in return. Well, they actually served me well because they were a sketch, so to say, of what "Oneiros" really is.

The text you find along with the demo is a composition I wrote some months ago, of a concept I abandoned during this whole time. I was sort of lucky because the "Ambient/Funeral Doom" experimental tracks I made recently (which then became the demo itself), I found to be in perfect correlation between the music and the words/story behind it. It's like my subconscious knew what to do with those words, hah.

Oh, it's in Italian. There's no translation available (unless you translate it yourself, that is) because if I happen to translate it, it would lose a lot of meaning. I'm not that good at translating, I'm sorry. >.<

Ok now, I think I've talked enough, time for you to download and enjoy this little effort, and as always feel free to comment, donate a trillion dollars and seventy chicks waiting for me in the Heavens. =D
See ya!
For those lazy asses who still haven't clicked a single link above...

New demo "Oneiros"!

Posted by KKSlider60 - October 12th, 2011

I must say that I'm very surprised to see two of my tracks enjoying a bit of NG stardom, in a positive sense. I'm basically talking about Cyan's Theme cover and original track Contact.

So I wanted to say a big, sincere "Thank you" to everyone who happens to listen to any of my works. All this would have never happened without your voting, feedback and support. :D

Also, I'm happy to announce that new stuff is coming soon in the next days - possibly weeks - although I still cannot guarantee if it will be available at Bandcamp. I'll keep you updated as soon as I get my hands on the new material, and finally have a chance to work for good.

Again, a billion thanks to everyone!

My Bandcamp - "0" demo (and the rest of my "discography", please check it :3) is still available for free download! Go get it, biatch!